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Ant Sang is a comic book artist and designer. He is best known for his comic series, The Dharma Punks, and his work as designer on the animated show Bro'Town.


While studying graphic design at the then Auckland Institute of Technology in the mid-1990s, Sang first began to publish his work in the short-lived New Zealand comic Mainstream, and Auckland event guide The Fix. He also published his own mini-comic book, Filth, which ran to seven issues between 1994 and 1997. The central characters from Filth formed the basis of his next series, The Dharma Punks. This comprised an eight-issue story line, first published in the early 2000s and later compiled into a trade paperback with printing crowd-funded via Kickstarter in 2014.

Sang's graphic novel Shaolin Burning was nominated in 2012 for Best Picture Book in the New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards. This was the first time that a young adult graphic novel had been nominated in that category. He has also illustrated graphic novels for Victoria University's Youth Wellbeing Study and been published in magazines including Rip It Up and the New Zealand Listener.

Sang designed the characters and backgrounds for the award-winning animated show Bro'Town. He has also undertaken commercial work for organisations including SkyCity Cinemas.


The Dharma Punks (Self-published, Earth's End, Conundrum Press & Presque Lune, 2001-2015)[]

Filth (Tuatara Press, 1994-1997)[2][]

  • Filth #1 (Tuatara Press, April 1994)
  • Filth #2 (Tuatara Press, August 1994)
  • Filth #3 (Tuatara Press, March 1995)
  • Filth #4 (Tuatara Press, July 1995)
  • Filth #5 (Tuatara Press, October 1995)
  • Filth #6 (Tuatara Press, April 1996)
  • Filth #7 (Tuatara Press, January 1997)

Other comics[]

  • Mini Adventure Digest (in collaboration with Paul Rogers)
  • Spaceboy ([...], [...])
  • Shaolin Burning (HarperCollins Publishers New Zealand, 2011)
  • Helen and the Go-Go Ninjas (Penguin Random House New Zealand, 2nd of July 2018)[3]


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