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Makes comics and music and sometimes works for a government library. Likes really cheap Chinese takeaway food and Stag beer. He was once the proud owner of a really big cornflake (10cm long and 4cm wide) but is now very sad because it was stolen by mice



  • Fetus Boy Adventures #1-12;
  • Bring Out the Gimps,
  • Attack of the Gimps,
  • Carry on Gimps,
  • Passion of the Gimps,(with Clive Townsend)
  • I am Mucus Man,
  • The Great Hair Fashion and Grooming Guide for Men,
  • All the Wet Dudes,
  • Convention Carnage,
  • Battle Van,
  • Maggot,
  • Fungus Boy Adventures #1-3 (24 hour comics) and
  • MoXoN #1-5 comics (with Ari Freeman)
  • Stories (book & CD)
  • Brent Willis's 115th Dream Thumbscrew Theatre (complete first season)


  • Funtime Comics Presents,
  • Pictozine 1 & 2,
  • Zombies Urgh! Party on the Edge of Time,
  • Several Short Stories involving Horror, Heartbreak, Debauchery and Staggeryness,
  • Kick Out the Jams Weekend Warriors (contributed to and edited)
  • Bristle (editor)
  • Has also been published in Salient and Caclin
  • [Unknown] (Darkest Day - Comics for Christchurch, 9th of April 2011)


Wellington Comics Exhibition

Other art (Music, animation, painting, interpretive dance, etc)[]

5 False Dmitrys CDs, 1 by the Fossilised Dmitrys and a 2 solo CDs: Mission to Putran and "Stories" (comes with book of same name)

For more information about the False Dmitrys, see their my space page.

Peanut Gallery[]

A second-rate Clive Townsend imitator - Mopy