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Dylan Horrocks is a cartoonist, writer and illustrator from Tāmaki Makaurau.

His first published comics were in Jabberwocky magazine when he was fifteen. In 1983 he had a story published in Strips.

In 1985, while studying for a BA in English, Horrocks co-founded Razor with Cornelius Stone and contributed a weekly strip, 'Tisco George' to the Auckland student newspaper Craccum. By 1987 his strips were being published in the Australian Fox Comics, notably the five-part serial Sex.

In 1989 he moved to England and began publishing a minicomic Pickle, which was relaunched in 1992 by Canadian publisher Tragedy Strikes Press (and later continued by Black Eye). He also self-published several mini-comics and co-founded Le Roquet, a comics annual.

The main story from Pickle was later revised, completed, and published as a trade paperback Hicksville (Black Eye, 1998) achieving considerable critical success. French, Spanish and Italian editions have since been published.

In the last decade Horrocks has written and drawn a wide range of projects including scripts for Vertigo's Hunter: The Age of Magic and Batgirl, and Atlas, published by Drawn and Quarterly.

Horrocks' work has been displayed at the Auckland Art Gallery and Wellington's City Gallery. In 2002 Hicksville won an Eisner Award for Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition, and the same year Atlas (his latest comic is set in the fascinating Baltic country of Cornucopia) was nominated for the Harvey Award for Best Single Issue or Story in 2002. In 2006 he was appointed University of Auckland/Creative New Zealand Literary Fellow, meaning he had an office at the English Dept for a year, along with a stipend allowing him to work full-time on Atlas etc for 12 months.

. In an interview with Comics Bulletin, Horrocks claimed that his first words were 'Donald Duck'.


Atlas (Drawn and Quarterly, 2001-2006)[]

Other comics[]

Comics Bibliography from Hicksville CV[7][]

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  • Hicksville (1998) - a 250-page graphic novel, published by Black Eye Books (Canada), in which an American comics historian comes to New Zealand to research a book about a cartoonist born on the East Cape. Hicksville was also published in French by L’Association (2001), in Italian by Black Velvet (2003) and in Spanish by Ediciones Balboa (2003).
  • Li’l Ainjil (1998) - 6-page strip in the SPX 98 (Small Press Expo) souvenir book (USA).
  • Spin (1998) - 16-page colour comic book on dealing with emotional stress published by the Ministry of Youth Affairs (NZ) as part of their National Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy. The comic was written and drawn by me, in consultation with the Mental Health Foundation, the Centre for Youth Health and a range of health professionals and young people. The strip was initially serialised in Tearaway Magazine. 50,000 copies of the finished comic were then distributed free through schools and other outlets.
  • Pickle (10 issues since 1993) - a comic book showcasing my work, published by Black Eye (Canada). A mixture of short strips and serialised stories, including Cafe Underground (a story set in Auckland in 1986) and Hicksville (see above). Issues range from 24 to 40 pages in length.
  • Dirty Comics (1997) - 6-page strip in Dirty Stories, a book-length anthology published by Fantagraphics Books, USA, edited by Eric Reynolds.  I am currently working on a graphic novel based on this story for Top Shelf.
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  • Opposite Equinoxes (1991) - 32-page mini-comic, self-published in England.
  • The Last Fox Story (1990) - 104-page mini-comic, self-published in England.
  • Incomplete Works (1989) - 5-page strip published in The Dead Muse (Fantagraphics Books, USA)
  • Sex (1987-1989) - 30-page, five-part serial, published in Fox Comics (Australia).
  • Tisco George (1985) - weekly comic-strip published in Craccum (Auckland University student newspaper).