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Eric was one of, if not the, first self published comics creator in New Zealand having self published his first (WWII era) comics as a school kid!. Very few of his comics remain in NZ, with most being taken back to the United States by US Servicemen during WW2.

Eric reprinted most of his (very rare) 1940s-60s comics (thanks to the wonderful technology of laser copying). The titles available are Treasure Comic: Black Cobra and the Red Gold, Adventure: Thrills on the Planet Jupiter, and Crash Carson of the Future #1 to 3.

The Eric Awards for New Zealand comics are named in his honour.


  • Adventure: Thrills on the Planet Jupiter! starring John Power #1
  • Treasure Comics: Black Cobra and the Red Gold #1
  • Childrens Xmas Comic #1
  • Crash Carson of the Future #1-3

All of the above circa early-mid 1940's

  • Captain Sinister #1 (dated Aug/Sep 1948), 2
  • Crash O'Kane - All Black on Mars #1 (1950's)
  • Childrens Xmas Comic Reprint #1 - 1960's reprint of earlier work
  • Mo and Jo #1 (1960)
  • Half-Back Comics #1-2 (1960)
  • Invisible Smith


  • Mighty Comic #1 -Contributed a Text Piece called Warrior of Mars to a cowboy title, but didn't publish himself.