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Funtime Comics Anthology (Previously known as Funtime Comics Presents, and originally Funtime Cartoons) is a comic anthology that has been published since 1991 by the Funtime Comic Collective, spanning 34 issues.

The original Funtime logo featuring Rahg the T-Rex was drawn by Jared Lane.[1]

Now for 29 years, 32 anthology issues, special issues, and an array of winter retreat comic jams - Funtime Comics has evolved into a full colour, quality comic magazine that showcases both up-&-coming, veteran New Zealand, and international talent. Funtime is a grass roots platform that has allowed many new creators see their work published and printed and one that has also given creators the confidence to pursue their love of comics further.[1]


Read their submissions page and fill out the contact form at the bottom.[2]


  • Jason Brice, Bean McGregor & Nigel Campbell (#1 editors)
  • Ed Dewe (#2-4 editor)
  • Darren Schroeder (#5-21 editor)
  • Isaac Freeman (#22-26 editor)
  • Jason Lennie (#27-Present editor)
  • Debra Boyask


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