Neglect Comics Wiki

Adding a new page:[]

Simply follow a red link to a page that doesn't exist yet, or click on "Add a new page".

Creating the page:[]

The first thing you do when creating a new page, is to click "INSERT", and then click "Infobox". You can then select the correct Infobox for the category of page you're creating, if there is no appropriate Infobox available, you can click "ADD A NEW TEMPLATE" to create one.

Adding images to Infoboxes:[]

Click on "Upload file", on the toolbar on the right side of the screen. Upload the image, and choose the licensing, eg. "Fair use" if it's not your image, "Will be used with artist's permission" if you have their permission, or "I created this file myself". Once you have created the file, go to your web browser's address bar, and copy the file's name, this will be formatted as "File:(Name of file).(File type)", for example, "File:Anna_Crichton.jpg". You can then paste this into the "Image" section of the Infobox.

Formatting links in Infoboxes:[]

Format links in infoboxes as "[(The link) (how you wish the link to appear)]". For example, "[ @neglectcomics]" would appear as "@neglectcomics".