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Born 1948, New Zealand

Joe Wylie spent three years "falling in and out of 'Art' schools" including Wellington Polytechnic and Art School in Christchurch, and then a further five years working as an animator in Australia for the Hanna Barbara animation studios. He then travelled, spending time in Tibet studying art under a Budhhist monk.

In 1977 he began drawing his Maureen Cringe and Kabuki series for Strips. His drawing is a stylish combination of manga, early animation, E.C. Segar and TIbetan Buddhist art.

Wylie was an award-winning animator, whose short animated film The Night Watchman received international acclaim.

Family and friends remember Joe


  • The Adventures of Maureen Cringe and Decline of the West serials, in Strips
  • Art for The Adventures of Captain Sunshine

Animated Films[]

  • Te Rerenga Wairua
  • The Nightwatchman
  • Bride Of Frankenstein Music video for the Bats' song.


New Zealand Music Awards 1984:Best Cover design for Aku Raukura (Patea Maori Club)