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Kiwi Comics, also known by its URL,, was an independent wiki of comics in Aotearoa. The wiki was started by Darren Schroeder and maintained by Darren and the Funtime Comics Collective. The wiki was operational by the 9th of October 2002, and was still accessible on the 11th of October 2011.[1] The website was archived by the National Library of New Zealand at 9am on the 15th of April 2009.[2] By the 18th of November 2011, "" had become New Zealand Comics Nga Pakiwaituhi o Aotearoa, a website maintained by New Zealand Comics Creators (NZCC), a non-profit organisation to promote New Zealand comics artists. The wiki's URL was moved to ""[3], where it remained accessible until the 3rd of July 2013[4], before becoming inaccessible.[5] The URL "" is currently available for purchase.[6]

From the wiki's homepage:

"Welcome to the best collection of information and links regarding the New Zealand comics scene on the web. We at Funtime Comics like to keep in contact with the creators and comic dealers around the country and figure that other people might want to do the same. To this end we used to publish this information in Funtime Comics Presents and in the New Zealand Comics Register. Now we host it here on the big old web. This site is an ongoing collaborative project to catalogue the comics published in New Zealand, as well as those created by New Zealanders for overseas publication. Our aim is to make people more aware of the diverse and creative activities of those New Zealanders who use the comic medium to get their ideas out to the public.[2] Have a look round and be sure to track some local comic creations down. Any corrections or additional information would be most welcome."[2]