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Ned Wenlock is an animator, illustrator, and cartoonist based in Paekākāriki.[1][2] He has animated music videos for bands such as MGMT and his award-winning 2015 animated short Spring Jam.[3][4] His short form comics have featured in Brent WillisBristol comic, Damon Keen’s comic anthologies Faction, as well as his own mini-comic series Hotpools in the early 2000s.[4] In 2023, Earth’s End Publishing published his debut graphic novel, Tsunami.[5][6][7]


Hotpools (Self-published, 2000s)[4][]

  • Hotpools #1 (Self-published, sometime before 15th of May 2007)[8][9]
  • Hotpools #2 (Self-published, sometime between 15th of May and 18th of July 2007)[9]
  • Hotpools #3 (Self-published, Unknown)[8]
  • Hotpools #4 (Self-published, Unknown)[8]

Other comics[]

In publications[]