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The New Zealand Cartoons and Comics Archive is the collection of cartoons and caricatures held by the Alexander Turnbull Library at the National Library of New Zealand.[1]

The Archive includes: Cartoons, comics and caricatures by and about New Zealanders, reflecting a range of social, cultural and political perspectives and art forms and styles. We retain a strong commitment to collecting editorial cartoons; Digital copies of newspaper and magazine cartoons, from ca 2005 to the present, by cartoonists such as Tom Scott, Bob Brockie, Chris Slane, Sharon Murdoch and David Fletcher; Original cartoon drawings from the 20th and 21st centuries by cartoonists such as Nevile Lodge, Eric Heath, Sharon Murdoch, Dylan Horrocks and Murray Ball; Manuscript material created by or relating to artists’ lives.[1]

The Alexander Turnbull Library does the following: Describes, houses and arranges access to the archive of cartoons, comics and caricatures; Offers a service for distance enquiries about cartoons via their Ask a Librarian service; Offers a service to order copies from the collection; Promotes the collection through cartoon-related events, publications and exhibitions[1]


The New Zealand Cartoon Archive was launched on 1 April 1992 as a partnership between the New Zealand Cartoon Archive Trust and the Alexander Turnbull Library.[2][1]

In 2005, the Cartoon Archive was fully absorbed into the Turnbull Library, and the Trust was replaced with a Guardians committee. The Cartoon Archive collection continues to grow steadily with hundreds of new digital items added every month.[2][1]

On 17 July 2019, the Guardians announced that they were stepping down, after championing and supporting the work of the Archive for many years. Ian F Grant, the founder of the Archive, has written about the highlights of the first 27 years of the Archive.[3] You can also view an archived copy of the Guardians website,[4][2][1]

With the Guardians stepping down, the Library took the opportunity to reconsider the scope of the collection in order to sustain and support future research into the art and world of cartooning and the Archive was formally expanded to create the New Zealand Cartoon and Comics Archive.[5][2][1]



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