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Rachel Smythe is a comic artist, illustrator, and folklorist from Palmerston North, currently based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington. She attended the Whanganui School of Design with Jem Yoshioka.


Lore Olympus (Webtoon, 4th of March 2018-Present)[]

  • Volume 1 (Del Rey Books, 2nd of November 2021)
  • Volume 2 (Del Rey Books, 5th of July 2022)
  • Volume 3 (Del Rey Books, 11th of October 2022)
  • Volume 4 (Del Rey Books, 6th of June 2023)
  • Volume 5 (Del Rey Books, 3rd of October 2023)
  • Volume 6 (Del Rey Books, 7th of May 2024)

Other comics[]

  • The Doctor Pepper Show (Webcomic, [...])
  • "Dr Pepper Show: Sad Dandy Fanfare" (New Ground #4, October 2005)