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Born 1971, Wanganui

Renee Jones began cartooning as a child, and her series The Poodle Family was published at age ten in the Poodle Club dog magazine.

It was not until 1992, however, that she resumed cartooning at the suggestion of her then husband Cornelius Stone.

SInce then, she has contributed to numerous New Zealand anthologies, including Strip Club, Daughters of Slaughter, Family of Sex, Pistake, Supernova, Desperate Deal and Bent.

She has a BA in Sociology and has worked for years in the music industry at record companies and managing a band. She also had a regular show on BFM, Auckland's alternative radio station, from 1989, Worked for FLying Nun, one of New Zealand's best-known independent record labels, and recently works as a publicist at AudioCulture.


  • Bent


  • Pistake
  • Family of Sex
  • Strip Club
  • Daughters of Slaughter
  • Desperate Deal