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Ride On Super Sound, stylised as RIDE ON SUPER SOUND, is a music, art, and lamp repair shop located in Ōtautahi Christchurch. The store has been running since 2018. It sells many self-published zines and comics, and encourages artists to bring them their work to sell.

From the store's "about" page:

"Ride On Super Sound specializes in new and second-hand vinyl, cassettes, compact discs, comics, zines, weird books, band t-shirts, posters, assorted rock’n’roll ephemera and lamp repair. It’s also home to a small but perfectly-formed experimental record cutting facility, a broken Risograph printer, a home-brewed point of sale system and the hopes and dreams of six foolish volunteers with a poorly-conceived business plan. Originally established in 2018 next to venerable indie venue Darkroom, it's currently situated at the top of three flights of outdoor stairs at 172 High Street, inside beloved Christchurch drinking spot Smash Palace. It will undoubtedly combust within the year, so prospective customers are encouraged to partake of its glorious pop-cultural bounty before it goes gently into that good night, as these special little places so often do. Ride On Super Sound opens at various hours between Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon, and occasionally on other randomly-assigned days, and by appointment. We encourage you to visit, and strongly urge you to create your own records, zines, comics and posters, so that we can make them available for public consumption."[1]