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Tara Black is an Aotearoa-NZ cartoonist and visual chronicler of bookish events. Their first graphic novel, This Is Not a Pipe, was published in 2020 by Victoria University Press. You can find their comics in many places, including Stasis Journal, The Spinoff, Salt Hill Journal, Takahē, Turbine | Kapahau and their website.


Graphic novels[]

  • This Is Not a Pipe (Victoria University Press, 2020)

Short comics[]

  • “A Drawing Date with Chris Riddell” (The Sapling, 2018)[1]
  • “Die Hard is not a Christmas Film” (Stasis Journal Issue 1, 2020)
  • “We are all collective nouns of ourselves” (The Spinoff, 28th of May 2021)[2]
  • “Asexual Reproduction” (The Suburban Review 22, July 2021)[3]
  • “The yawn couldn’t sleep” (Takehē 103, Dec 2021)
  • "We Always Lose Some" (Turbine | Kapohau 2021, 2021)[4]
  • “Breadcrumbs” and “For Closure” (Salt Hill 47, Winter 2022 Issue)
  • “Goldilocks Knows” (Jordan Hamel et al. (Eds) No Other Place to Stand, AUP 2022)
  • “Fossil”, (1964 Magazine, Spring 2022)
  • “Dog Shaped”, (Rat World Issue Three, 30th of September 2022)
  • “Trans rights are human rights”, (Rat World Issue Four, 15th of December 2022)
  • “You Have Arrived”, (Takehē 106, Dec 2022)
  • “Bigger on the Inside”, (Rat World Issue Five, 22nd of April 2023)
  • “Specimens in Specimen” (Rat World Issue Six, 27th of September 2023)