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Tony Renouf is a comic artist, anthology editor, and record store owner based in Ōtepoti Dunedin. He started drawing sequential comics at the age of 21-22, when he first moved to Dunedin in 1985.[1] He was the editor of Treacle from 1993 to 1995, and was the organiser of Only Fools and Toonists in 1995. He has had his work featured in Jesus On A Stick, Critic (1988), Razor, and ran the independent 2nd hand (and NZ new) record store, Tootone Records (29 North Road, North East Valley, Dunedin) until January 2017.[1][2]


  • Free to a Good Home (???, ???)
  • "(EPI) Derm-De-Derm-Derm ..... The Serious Beard Squad. Presented by: Tales of the Beardly Feasible" (Treacle #1, June 1993)[3]
  • "Tales of the Barely Feasible Present: Day of the Joggers Sock (or...If You Go Down to the Loos Today, Your in for a Big Surprise...)" (Treacle #2, October 1993)[4]
  • "Tales of the Barely Feasible Present: Albert Scumby-Researcher in Life Cycle; Or: How Extended is Your Warranty?" (Treacle #3, May 1994)[5]
  • "Tales of the Barely Feasible Present: Freedom by Any Other Name. Starring: Basil & Nigel...Research 'Assistants' to the Multi-National Companies" (Treacle #4, September 1994)[6]
  • "Things to Do When You Aren't Being a Cartoonist" (Treacle #5, April 1995)[7]
  • Suburban Necrosis (Corzitzart Comics, 1998)[8]


  • Mini-Comics (Critic, 1988)[1]
  • Razor (1991)[1]
  • Single strip 25 pages per year (Critic,1993)[1]
  • 27 weeks of single strips (With Glenn Ross, Anthony Berrins, Finn, Paul Potiki (1994), Colin Andrews (1995-1996); Critic, 1994-1996)[1]
  • Treacle #1 (Editor/Cover; Corzitzart Comics, June 1993)[9]
  • Treacle #2 (Editor/Cover; Corzitzart Comics, October 1993)[9]
  • Treacle #3 (Editor/Cover; Corzitzart Comics, May 1994)[9]
  • Treacle #4 (Editor/Cover; Corzitzart Comics, September 1994)[9]
  • Treacle #5 (AKA Only Fools and Toonists #1) (Editor/Cover; Corzitzart Comics, April 1995)[9][10][1]
  • Umph #1 (Cover; Dpress Comics, October 1995[11][12]
  • Only Fools and Toonists #2 (Funtime Comics, November 1995)[10]
  • Umph #2 (Cover; Dpress Comics, February 1996)[11]
  • Radio-Active Paranoid (Dunedin Comics, 1998)[13]


  • Organiser of Only Fools and Toonists workshop in Dunedin.[10]